Silence the Past

This book has now been released and can be purchased through all the sites noted above.

Silence the Past

Who stands to gain from a notorious past?

When the daughter of a board member of a prominent charity asks Callan Morrow to investigate management issues at the charity, he finds his investigation hampered by lies, secrets, and the mystery of an antique bureau that keeps being bought and then returned.

After a suspicious suicide, a murder and an attempted murder make his investigations more urgent, Callan discovers that an extortionist is targeting board members, threatening to publicly reveal their questionable family pasts. But who is behind it all? And can Callan unmask the perpetrator before they kill again?

In this intriguing mystery peppered with insight, Gary Kreigh explores how an ancestor’s involvement in scandals, crimes, or other unsavoury events can leave us feeling guilt and shame over something in which we had no part. 

Coming soon. Publication date: October 28th 2022